An Artist Statement

Great literature tells human truths. I use this as an anchor for analysis of our past, present, and future. Why our world, sublime in complexity, is the way it is. 

Here, in this way, I explore the world through the lens of Virginia Woolf in The Waves. Post the First World War, only years before the second. One form of imperialism makes way for another. Diversity in western culture grows. Class systems start to break down. Civil rights and global awareness toes the shoreline. 

Now, as was true then, there are those with power who either don’t care or want us to tread violent water. This is how societies are built quickly, thoughtlessly, catastrophically. This is how we lose sustainability and live forever in reaction.

The ability to immerse, concentrate, and think about something for an extended period of time is an important skill. The more we are presented with fully formed worlds, the less we do to create our own. If we want a society that looks to the future while considering the past, we need creativity and critical thought as a baseline.

Creativity is mystified. In capitalism, the things that can’t be easily monetized are shadows. I want to start a conversation about creation. I want to show the process of projects that take time, research, and experimentation. This blog, illustrated by photography, my own work in sketches, final form, and video, depicts my thought process, the problem solving involved in experimentation, and the joys and frustrations of vision fulfilled in unexpected ways. Come join the conversation.